Historical Train Mountain Photo Gallery

Welcome to Train Mountain

The Train Mountain collection of full sized (4' 8 1/2ÔÇØ gauge) rolling stock fulfills three functions. The first is to preserve examples of typical rolling stock so that present and future generations will be able to see for themselves what those cars were like. The best (or only) example of each car type is designated for either restoration or preservation, as appropriate. The second is to use old cars to perform their original function in a new way or in a new location. Old water tank cars end up on hilltops storing water for irrigation or fire suppression. Old moving sleepers become stationary sleepers. The third is to remodel old cars to give them a new life as an alternative to being cut up for scrap. After the best of five identical cabooses is slated for restoration or preservation, the remaining four will be slated for conversion to a dispatching center, a guest cabin or a caretaker's cabin. It turns out that old flat cars make fine bridges.

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