Steiger Butte Cameras

Steiger Butte is a Cell Tower Site, and is the highest point on Train Mountain. It overlooks much of the Klamath Basin, making it a great place from which to check the current weather conditions. On a clear day, Mt. Shasta is visible approximately 85 miles to the south on Camera-34, and the Crater Lake Rim is visible on the camera pointing North West on Camera-35.

Camera-33 shows the passenger loading area at Train Mountain's Central Station, from where the Railroad Education Train Tours depart. The Summer Hours are Monday through Fridays from, 9 am to 3 pm. Closed weekends and holidays.

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Train Mountain Camera 33 below
Central Station Loading Area


Train Mountain Camera 34 below
Klamath Basin from Steiger Butte So View


Train Mountain Camera 35 below
Klamath Basin from Steiger Butte NW View


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