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In 1993, Weyerhaeuser liquidated the Oregon, California & Eastern Railroad. Train Mountain purchased the only collection of OC&E cars to end up in a museum. A collection of nineteen cars. The OC&E was a logging railroad that ran north and east from Klamath Falls to Sprague River, Bly and Beatty. Originally owned jointly by the Great Northern and Southern Pacific Railroads, it was purchased by Weyerhaeuser in 1923. Weyerhaeuser had always owned the Woods Line branch that went north from Bly to Sycan Marsh. In the later years, the rolling stock bore both OC&E and Weyco markings and consisted principally of log bunks supplemented by a handful of other cars. In the early 1990's, when it became more economical to use trucks to haul the little bit of timber left along the line's right of way, Weyerhaeuser liquidated both the OC&E and the Woods line, selling the rolling stock and scrapping the rail and ties. The right of way is now a fine bicycle path from Klamath Falls to Sycan Marsh--the result of a ÔÇÿrails-to-trailsÔÇÖ conversion. This was when Train Mountain purchased the only group of OC&E cars to end up in a railroad museum. We got one oil storage car, one caboose, one spreader, two speeders, three speeder trailers, five water tank cars and seventeen log bunk cars. All of these cars came directly from service on the OC&E Railroad to Train Mountain. Four of these cars are on display in Six-Acre Campground as a rolling stock consist that might have run on the OC&E: a tank car, two log bunk cars and a caboose. (3/01)