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2022 Triennial Registration

Welcome to the online sign-up for the 2022 Train Mountain Triennial.

In order to make the process faster for you, you should have the following information close
at hand.  Being prepared will save you time and frustration.

So, have on hand the following...
1.  Names of all persons that you will be signing up.
2.  License number and description of any vehicles you will be bringing --
        you will be issued parking permits so we need the license number.
3.  Length of the trains you will be bringing.  This helps assign parking places
        for your trains.  It is OK to estimate.

If you do not know things like license plates, or if you are going to be renting,  it is OK to
enter "Unknown".  You will need to give the information when checking in.  When asked for
length of engines, and cars, etc, measure or estimate.  It does not have to be exact - just
close so parking can be optimized.

Remember that only current members - those who have paid their 2022 memberships can bring
equipment to run at the Triennial.  If you are not a current member, the fields to enter your train
equipment will not be displayed.  So renew or join First!!

Before continuing, you must read and agree to the following..
I Acknowledge: A Waiver and Release of Liability form for each individual, each new year, must be signed
 and given to the office staff or registration desk before or immediately upon arrival and before participating
 in any TM activities.
I Agree: To be bound by the TM Code of Conduct, published Campground Rules, and TMRR "Rules of the Road"
 for trains.
I Agree: To depart the TM park grounds at the conclusion of my reservation or paid extensions thereto,
 OR if directed to depart by the TM Directors for any reason

Good luck, and welcome to the sign up process.
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