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NOTICE: The TM Camera Server has been replaced. The regular image uploads are again working.
The motion captured images are not yet restored. The image captures must be reset camera-by-camera, so please have patience while this is being done.

is subject to change without notice.

Arriving Members should call the Train Mountain Office to verify Gate Code.

Train Mountain Info

Train Mountain will continue to offer the outdoor portion of the museum to the public. When Volunteers are available we will offer tours of Central Station and access to the Train Mountain Company Store.

Central Station will be open to Members.

The outside bathrooms on the east side of Central Station have been repaired. These and the outdoor Porta Potties are the only bathrooms open to the public.

If you are a member planning on coming to TM, please call the office to ensure you have the current gate code.


Due to staffing shortage
issues, TRAIN MOUNTAIN is presently only open to outdoor activities.

The Museum Tour trains will ONLY be operating when weather conditions permit and volunteers are available.

Train Mountain is now OPEN to
HARVEST HOST Guests, but they must
make reservations in advance.


To learn if current conditions will allow us
to make your reservation, please call the OFFICE at 541-783-3030.
Summer Office hours
are Monday through Friday
from 9 am to 3 pm Pacific Time Zone.

You may contact Joyce at the Office
or 541-783-3030

The Polar Bear Train Meet begins
 Pacific Time USA

2023 Train Mountain Train Meet Schedule (Click here for pdf)
  Polar Bear Train Meet Spring Awakening Train Meet Narrow Gauge Train Meet Operations Train Meet August Train Meet Big Build Train Meet Fall Colors Train Meet
Work Week none 4/29 to 5/4 5/27 to 6/1 6/24 to 6/28 7/29 to 8/3 9/2 to 9/7 none
Meet 1/14 to 1/16 5/5 to 5/7 6/2 to 6/4 6/29 to 7/2 8/4 to 8/6 9/8 to 9/10 10/6 to 10/9

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4 Steamers 6-Acre Aerial 1 Aerial 2 Aerial 3 Aerial 4 Aerial 5 Aerial 6 Backshop Blue Mountain Coal Blue Caboose RV area Bridges Burn Pit Central Station Containerville Colton Crisp Yard Daffodil Hill Deadwood Freihube Fuel Yard G-Ville Hairpin Intersection Isom Klamath and Western Railroad Klamath and Western Yard Klamath and Western Turntable Little Falls Lillyville Long Tunnel 1 Long Tunnel 2 Logging Equipment Main Entrance Main Yard Main Yard 2 Motor Pool over-under Pacific Car Phillips Red Ant Rio Grande Rio Grande Tunnel Rotary Saanich Sawmill South Meadow South Meadow 1 South Meadow 2 South Meadow 3 South Meadow Loop 1 South Meadow Loop 2 South Portal South Portal 2 Control Tower Timber Tunnel 1 Timber Tunnel 2 Trailer Parking Turntable Vendor Barn Vitz Yard Youngstown Youngstown 2
Brooks Beauchamp Siding Dam 2 Dam 3 Dam 3.5 Dam 4 Douglas Meadow Douglas Siding Elizabeth Siding Farmersville Helena Siding M&M Shepherd South Portal Vertel Junction Aspen Loop Caboose Ridge Canada Logging Camp North Portal Views Witcombe
Cooper End of Track North Burn Pit View of Mt. Shasta - 82 miles away Ward Big Cut Coyote Crane Hope Schubert Steiger Butte Panzik

Interactive Maps
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There are multiple images at the BLUE DOTS and a single image at each RED DOT.
When you CLICK on a DOT, this brings up an IMAGE. There is a CONTROL BAR at the bottom center. From the CONTROL BAR, you may step through the IMAGES by clicking or you may choose to play a slide show by CLICKING the PLAY BUTTON.

Please have patience as the north area Interactive Maps and Images are developed. Many of the images are of construction. Current images will be added as time permits.